The Rex Apothecary is Reopening its Doors!

Well hello! Can I be honest? I've missed you. Some of you may recall I popped back on instagram in early 2019 after a 3-year hiatus with The Rex Apothecary. At that time, I could finally imagine a rebirth of this self-care line whose doors I closed in 2016 in order to process the passing of my dog King (the namesake of the shop) and my subsequent battle with depression and anxiety.

Right as I began toying with the idea of reopening, I was wildly inspired to put my decade of service industry experience into building a catering business. That's where all of my attention and energy has been the last year and a half. I made it to my first event season just in time for COVID... No more events. No more service industry.

As store shelves emptied of any and all basic necessities, family and friends asked "why don't you open the Rex Apothecary back up? People need it right now." Despite not having anything available for sale, traffic to was blowing up with folks eager to take care of their family's wellness. But I was in crisis mode too. Re-evaluating and planning and worrying and thinking... I began tuning into my spiritual work: meditation, ritual, tarot, and other practices that many others like myself have always kept secret. Then suddenly it clicked. It was time to reopen the shop, but it needed to be completely authentic and true to myself this time. It needed to openly embrace that side of myself that I had kept private for so long, by incorporating it into my line. I may lose some/a lot of followers. That's fine. Those aren't my people. I've lived on the fence trying to please everybody on both sides for too long. I'm jumping over now.

I won't give away too many surprises yet. BUT. At the very least I will say you can look forward to seeing some of your favorite Rex Apothecary goods back online, as well as lots of new altar, ritual, and self-care items that I'll be rolling out seasonally. The first phase of reopening will include our fan favorites: Pitty Party Deodorant, 6-in-1 Raw Balm (formerly Raw Cococa Balm), and Dapper Pomade.  

Drop the product you want to see back the MOST in the comments below!

Thanks for your support, and for being born!

You can shop new items and old favorites here

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Oh hurray!!! I am was so happy to get your email today! And I totally get it. I haven’t posted on My Plastic-Free Life in over a year – for many of the same reasons. Kudos for being authentic. I think that may be my issue as well. Would love to chat sometime.


Beth Terry

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