Letting Go: The Glorious Autumn to Winter Transition

Recently, on the shop's instagram, I made a bit of a switch in gears with the sudden onslaught of body care offerings after quite some time of being more spiritually ritual focused...

Traditionally, I like to wait until we're more into Winter to bring in the "body" aspect of our mind-body-spirit self care rituals, and I'll explain why.

Stay with me here...

Winter is ruled by the Water element, represented by our emotions and heavy with introspective Yin energy. Winter can be a dark and emotional time for a lot of folks so I often try to balance it out with some spicy Fire and some grounding Earth. Earth is represented by the physical body and the material world, keeping us present in reality rather than drowning in our thoughts and emotions. THAT'S where the body aspect comes from (there will also be a lot of Fire in the December Yule Kit so don't worry)

I think I just got excited to get these gift sets launched for y'all in time for the holidays!

But to stay on the original course following the Wheel of the Year, we're still in the waning part of Autumn, letting go of thoughts, habits, patterns, and relationships that no longer serve us. Speaking of which, how are those November Waning Moon Banishing kits going??

So, until Yule, days continue growing shorter, darkness continues growing longer, and we welcome the death of the year for its own sake as well as for the sake of welcoming and embracing her rebirth in Spring. What if we tried to find beauty in these endings, rather than seeing them only as a means to a new beginning?

Hang tight I'm almost to the best part...

Don't get me wrong, new beginnings are usually the best (or at least the "not worst") part of endings. But perhaps finding some beauty in endings themselves can help ease our fear of them if we learn to embrace these transitions with the same grace that nature does each Autumn and Winter...

We don't see her grasping at her falling leaves in a desperate attempt to maintain the appearance of a prolonged Summer.

We don't see her apologizing for not having buds and blooms.

She boisterously exclaims "look at my gorgeous leaves of red and orange tumble!"

Not blossoming. Not green.

But awe inspiring in their grace and vibrance. They know it is their end, yet they don't hesitate. She knows the frost will weigh heavy on her branches and the wind may cause some to break. And she accepts the challenge, knowing that she has grown all year in preparation, sending down deep roots and trusting her strength to hold fast.

And yes, Spring will come again. But with such a display of strength and resilience, maybe we won't need to feel so desperate for her arrival.

So hold fast my friends. We may have a bumpy road ahead but we're now well seasoned (pun intended, or is that just where the phrase comes from?) and fortified to withstand any storm that can be thrown our way. Literally and figuratively. 


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