How to Harness the Moon's Reset Button [A 5-Step Ritual]

Hours, days, weeks, months, and even years seem to be passing by faster and faster, don’t they? How many times have you not realized that a conversation you thought happened yesterday actually happened a week ago? That the friend you thought you hadn’t seen in a month has actually been away for a year? Time sneaks up and escapes us when we aren’t looking. But nature provides us with markers for this passage of time. Reliable markers that have existed since the earth was born.

If we can take moments to be mindful of these markers, maybe we can slow time down a little and squeeze out a few more precious minutes. Not literally, of course, but the more we’re on autopilot the more our minds let the forgetful things slip away. If nothing stands out as worthwhile then nothing gets saved. If we draw our attention to nature’s regular and consistent markers of change, perhaps it won’t all blur together as much.


A Constant Cycle of Renewal

Let’s take a look at what these markers of time are, so we can more clearly see the numerous ways nature’s cycles offer us a chance to achieve an end and begin anew…

The daily rising and setting of the sun.
The monthly waxing and waning of the moon.
The yearly passing of the seasons.
The birth, life, and death of an individual.

From a single day to an entire lifetime, nature is in a constant cycle of rebirth. We only get one life as far as we know, but each morning that we wake up we get to start a new day. Each spring when the snow melts we get to start a new year. And each month the sky becomes dark during the New Moon is no exception to this rebirth. It’s a chance to reflect upon our recent lessons, but more importantly, it’s a chance to set new intentions and goals for the coming cycle.

The New Moon

The moon has 8 phases, each one with its own specific energy to call upon and draw from. As you learn to bring your awareness to each of them, or at least a couple of them, you’ll feel time in a different way. Much like living with the seasons, you’ll naturally come to a flow that allows your own personal energy to move in cycles, with energetic times and restful times. We weren’t designed to be go-go-go all the time. I’ll get into each of the 8 phases in future posts, but for now, let's start at the beginning.

The New Moon occurs when the sun and moon come into alignment in the sky. This actually results in us not seeing the moon at all on Earth, giving us dark nights with only the brightly contrasting stars popping through the black sky to light our way. When this happens, energetically, it’s time to find stillness and plant new seeds of desire. During the New Moon, you are given a chance to breathe new life into any areas of stagnation or places where you would like to impact positive change. This time for rest and reflection is the perfect opportunity to practice a simple ritual to turn inward and examine what you want to call into your life.

A Simple Ritual

Your New Moon ritual doesn’t have to be elaborate or dramatic unless you want it to be. There’s no right or wrong way to pay respect to your plans and dreams, only what feels powerful to you.


This is an important step and physical representation of the blank slate the New Moon is giving you. I highly recommend taking part in all of the following if you have the time, but if not just choose one:

  • Taking a bath with candles, salt, and calming herbs like lavender, rose, calendula, and yarrow.
  • Sweeping the house, finally folding that laundry, doing the dishes,
  • Smoke cleansing your space or yourself with dried herb bundles.


Offer a destination to any wild or spiraling energy that is causing you racing thoughts, anxiety, or stress.

  • Call upon a source of energy that you connect with the most. A diety, spirit guides, angels, the Earth, the tides, the elements, the directions, etc.
  • Practice yoga or a meditation where you visualize yourself with roots that send any unruly or negative energy deep down into the Earth, through the layers, into the core, and then draw positive energy back up through your feet again.


Write down the things that you wish to call into your life. Self-love, a new job, a new outlook, financial stability, a romantic relationship... Focus on the positive things you wish to begin, rather than the negative things you wish to avoid. Be detailed and specific. Conjure what seems out of reach and create the vision.


Now speak these dreams aloud as if they are already in your existence. Take note of the feelings that come up when you say them aloud. This is not just throwing a penny into a wishing well. As you write these dreams and wishes down and speak them aloud, you are committing to do your part to make them a reality. Light candles and add a symbolic act to make your intentions concrete.

  • If your wish was to ignite your creativity and intuition, burn a piece of paper with your idea written on it.
  • If your wish was to put yourself out there more in business or love, tie your wish to a paper balloon and release it.
  • If you have several intentions, meditate on each one as you focus each on an individual bead. Give each intention it’s own bead and tie them one at a time onto a string to make a bracelet or keychain.


Now sit quietly, follow your breath, and visualize your life as it is now, except that your desires have already come to fruition. Resolve yourself to be open to these energies coming into your life, along with any other lessons in growth you may need along the way.

Find ways to keep these intentions at the forefront of your awareness. This is a very important part. Put your written intentions in a visible spot on your mirror, at the front door, or in your wallet. Put your beaded keychain you made on your keyring. Make notes about your progress. At the full moon, find ways to take action on those intentions and celebrate any progress.

End your ritual with a showing of gratitude to whatever energy source you called upon. Acknowledge and be grateful for all that you have right now at this moment in time, all that you have been given in your life to make it this far, and all that you will receive for the rest of your life. Blow out any candles that are still burning and find a home for your new intentions where you will be reminded of them until the full moon.

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