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How to Live Seasonally With the Elements October 08 2015, 0 Comments

Some of you may be wondering what our products called Air, Water, Fire and Earth are all about. 
"A deodorant that smells like water? A tea that tastes like Air? Uh, awesome..."

To get a better understanding of what these elements mean in regards to our products, lets first start by looking at what the elements traditionally represent. 

In astrology and Pagan traditions, the elements Earth, Water, Air, and Fire are used to relate to a particular function of the self:

Earth represents the physical body and matter
Water, our emotions
Air, the mind and intellect
and Fire, the spirit and intuition. 

Elements are also connected to astrological signs,
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are Earth signs
Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer are Water signs
Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are Air signs
and Leo, Ares, and Sagittarius are Fire signs.

We've attached elemental varieties to our deodorants, teas, fragrances, raw balms, and soaps. 

Does that mean you are only allowed to use an item that is of your sign?

Certainly not!

While many people I meet do happen to prefer the variety tied to their own sun sign, many others are drawn to their opposing element, which can bring balance. For example, Fire and Water are opposing, as are Fire and Earth, Earth and Air, and Water and Air. That would leave matching signs to be Water and Earth or Fire and Air. There really are hundreds of potential explanations as to what will draw you to a scent, including the possibility that it has absolutely nothing to do with astrological sign! 

So what plants do they use already!

Well, since Earth represents the physical, it is a very grounding and practical element, bringing us back to reality. For this reason we have used deep, sturdy herbs and roots such as dandelion root, sage, and clove.

Water, being tied to the emotions, is sensitive and inward. These items, like taking a swim, are fresh and cooling. Invigorating herbs like peppermint and rosemary are balanced with calming herbs like lavender and oatstraw so as to stimulate creativity but not to cause turbulent waters!

Air, being connected with the mind and intellect, is innovative and full of ideas. It's herbs are sweet and soft, with crisp notes like lemon and vanilla to inspire, balanced with calming herbs like lavender and chamomile to keep focused and not let thoughts run in circles or flit about. 

And finally Fire, the element of spirit and intuition, is passionate about life and acts on it's gut. Its herbs are spicy and warming with lots of ginger, balanced with soft herbs like catnip and vanilla to prevent overheating. 

What's the point? 

Why bother matching nature's elements to body care products? 
If we can bring a little bit of mindfulness to the way we treat our bodies, maybe that can translate to how we treat our whole being and those around us. Taking the time to build a personal ritual into your daily routine gives you the opportunity to slow down and think about what feels good to you, both inside and out. Maybe you wake up feeling excited but scattered, or calm but depressed. Maybe an invigorating ginger spray or tea sounds agitating today. Or maybe a grounding soap sounds boring. Having the tools from nature to bring balance to those feelings can offer peace of mind, body, and spirit. 

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For a definitive reading on the subject of astrology I encourage you to read  "The Astrology Bible" by Judy Hall. 

Spring || Ostara April 07 2015, 0 Comments

Spring // Wellness // Seasonal // Detox // Outdoors 

Organic // Vegan // Ethically sourced

Spring is the time of year when things get moving again. We're no longer burying ourselves under blankets & bon bons for our winter slumber.

Similarly, nature is no longer hibernating under blankets of snow while stockpiling energy for the impending growth spurt... 

For this reason, spring is the best time to support your detox organs and get that stagnant energy moving. The liver & muscles will need special attention during this time, to support healthy movement & elimination. Your skin will go from needing extra moisture from winter dryness, to extra healing from its increase in activity. 

(by helenaljunggren)

The Spring Collection is a bundle of the best herbal and holistic practices for nourishing and toning the body's major elimination organs: the liver, skin, kidneys, lungs, & colon.

The liver filters the blood, either destroying toxic molecules we've absorbed through our food and environment, or converting them into particles that can be removed from the body by the kidneys, colon, lungs, & skin.

Symptoms of a sluggish elimination system often include lack of energy, acne, indigestion, headaches, constipation, poor sleep, muscle stiffness or cramping, poor blood clotting, & more.


It is important to remember that no organ works alone in daily detoxification of our bodies. The liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, and colon all need strengthening and support. You can tone the liver all you want but if the increased amount of filtered toxins have no way to exit the body then they keep cycling through the blood and tissues, causing even more damage!


The Air element is associated with Spring and the astrological signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius



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Autumn || Mabon September 01 2014, 0 Comments

Autumn // Wellness // Seasonal // Large Intestine // Lungs // Metal // 

Autumn is associated with the metal element in Chinese Medicine, which is characterized by expansion, contraction, and transformation {think about what metal does when it gets hot or cold} on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. For this reason, the organs associated with Autumn are the lungs and large intestine, due to their own expanding and contracting nature. This makes Autumn a great time for detoxification by supporting and toning these organs which are imperative for toxin elimination.

You’ll see nature pulling it’s vitality down into its roots after it provides us with it’s final fruits of the year. This makes Autumn the ideal time to harvest and use root medicines, since that is where the plants energy is being stored for now. This allows us to get rid of any residual excesses from Summer’s Yang, and prepare our bodies for the calmer and quieter Yin of Winter.

Saatchi Gallery, London © Jorge Mayet 2008


Autumn is associated with the Earth element, and the sun signs Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. As we begin grounding down into the earth for the coming months, this season’s kit will bring balance with Fire, to warm and enliven the senses, preventing congestion, worry, and depression that can come from “burying” oneself excessively in Earth.

Give your body what it wants to stay well this Autumn & make sure to enjoy the fruits of the harvest!

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