The Wheel of the Year: How Our Self-Care Changes Throughout the Seasons

If you follow me on social media, I can only assume you may be a little confused by the wide range of content I've shared since reopening this apothecary in September.

You may be wondering, "Wait, is this a gardening page now? Wasn't it a self care page? And an herbal product page? And a witchy page?"

The answer is YES to all of them. And I'll explain why I won't narrow it down to just one of those topics:

The basis of all of my content and offerings is the Wheel of the Year.

What I'm trying to share with each of you is how life changes alongside nature. And I don't mean how our wardrobes change... I mean changes in what is available and abundant in nature to call upon either physically in our health and bodycare, or symbolically in our (call it what you will) internal work, emotional self care, and/or shadow work.

So yes, in the Autumn and Winter you saw more content focused on internal work, as nature was going to sleep for the season. We used a lot of evergreens and dried warming spices and we let go of a lot that we didn't want to bring into the new year, both physically and emotionally. This was Mabon, Samhain and the Waning phase of the year.

Late winter/early spring (like now) you're seeing me share ways to plan and prepare for the return of the sun and Spring. I'm planting seeds, propagating plants, and setting goals. What's done is done and we begin the work to manifest our own prosperous year. This was Yule, the New Moon, and the upcoming Imbolg.

In the Spring and Summer we're going to experience so much fresh growth and later have so much to harvest. So you'll see a lot more fresh herbal extracts and flowers available. Our personal energy will mirror this by feeling more external, taking action and reaping the benefits of all the hard internal work we did all winter. This will be Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, and the Waxing and Full moon phases of the year.

My monthly Self Care ritual kits attempt to be the epitome of these phases. I do them monthly rather than seasonally because these changes don't just occur suddenly every 4 months. All 8 Sabbats throughout the Pagan Wheel of the Year celebrate a different aspect, and the remaining 4 months I choose to honor the lunar cycle associated with that time of the year. They include tools and information to get to know each of these phases better and connect with them in an empowering and meaningful way.

While I feel torn to choose a direction to focus the content I share with you, that wouldn't be authentic and, to be honest, I think it would be kind of boring. I don't advocate trying to feel and act the same all year round, so I'm not going to pretend Spirit Haus Botanicals can either.

So while some posts you see may seem hyperfocused on one aspect of a this all encompassing concept, know that it all stems from this core value.

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