Spirit Haus Herbal Tea Blends

Whether you're a seasoned tea lover or a total newbie to herbal teas,
I've got you covered with these tasty, comforting, relaxing blends,
but they're also so much more!
Grocery store herbal teas are tasty and all, 
and I'll even buy some myself in a pinch,
but they're often in to small of quantities to be medicinal
because they have so many flavorings added
and a lot of times they use really old, unsustainably sourced, low-quality herbs.
Each and every herb has a specific purpose in my blends
so that they work harmoniously and synergistically
rather than just tossing a pinch of
buzzworthy, highly marketable, trending herbs
into a bag and calling it a day
[All of my 20 cup pouches are completely biodegradable]