Tranquility Tonic || Relaxation & Sleep Support || Nervine Blend | 2oz 60mL


This non-habit-forming, essential oil-free blend is meant for those who find themselves on the edge of their seat, waiting for the worst-case scenario.

For the worriers and the overthinkers. I see you.

The Tranquility Tonic may be a good fit for those who: 

  • Feel generally tense, anxious, or nervous often.
  • Suffer from panic attacks
  • Have difficulty falling asleep
  • Can feel their blood pressure rise when they're upset
  • Experience tension headaches often
  • Feel either like an exposed nerve ready to snap
  • Feel exhausted emotionally, mentally, and/or physically
  • Find their anxiety causing them to eat too much or not enough 


It might NOT be a good fit if you:

  • Live with depression
  • Are on CNS depressant medications or insulin
  • Are hypothyroid or take thyroid hormone replacements
  • Take blood thinners or high blood pressure medications
  • Have low blood pressure
  • Are pregnant or nursing


The Tranquility Tonic is made with:

  • Organic Hops flowers - A sedative, analgesic, & mildly hypnotic herb that invites deep relaxation & sleep*
  • Organic Passionflower - Sedative & relaxing, this is our go-to herb for restless nervousness & the pain associated with it*
  • Oregon-grown Milky Oat Tops - A restorative tonic freshly harvested for the milky latex that is traditionally used for strengthening frayed nerves so we can better manage stress.*
  • Oregon-grown Lemon Balm - An uplifting nervine long used for quieting anxiety & improving mood*
  • Organic English Lavender flowers - Mild & softening, quickly releasing stress, tension, & their headaches.*


Contains: RO water, grain alcohol, Avena sativa**, [Milky oat tops], Melissa officinalis** [Lemon balm leaf], Humulus lupulus* [Hops strobiles], Passiflora incarnata* [Passionflower], Lavandula angustifolia* [Lavender flowers]

*Certified organic    **Oregon-Grown

Store in a cool, dry, dark place, best used by July 2023


    • Take 30-90 drops (one-three dropper squeezes) by mouth 2-3 times per day, or in the evening 30 minutes before bed.
    • Adjust dose and frequency as needed.
      -For general stress, some may need 1 dropper 3 times per day,
      -For sleep, others may need 3 droppers once at night.
    • You can take it directly into your mouth, in a sip of your favorite drink, or added to your cup of tea or coffee.
    • Do not take with alcohol or other sedatives
    Tonics such as this work over time, rather than immediately, in order to support our bodies in regulating their responses.^


    If you are struggling with feelings of depression, hopelessness, or self-harm, please seek professional support or call 800-273-8255

    Consult with a doctor before use if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medications.

    Please check for allergies or sensitivity to ingredients or plants in the same family before use.

    *This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease, or affect the structure/function of the body. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Not processed in an allergen-free environment.

    Customer Reviews

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    Allison Loraine
    Tranquility Tonic Really Helps

    I've struggled with sleep and putting this in my tea before bed has really helped me relax and fall asleep at night!

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