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A 1oz bottle of Oregon-grown Calendula Flower Essence

Positive qualities: Recognizing or understanding our fears around taking steps forward in intimate relationships. Confidence and security in relationships. Warm and receptive communication with others.

Patterns of imbalance: Distance in personal relationships, anxiety in intimate moments, sexual anxiety, fear of becoming too soft, too yielding, or too emotionally vulnerable; fear of not being strong enough to handle the end of a relationship, argumentative as a defense mechanism.

"Calendula teaches us to touch each other gently and profoundly with light and warmth of our words."- Richard Katz

Personal interpretation: Calendula was my first herbal love. I was drawn to her gentle strength, and felt a sense of security when working with her. She's reliable, consistent, safe, and highly effective. Not only in her medicinal use but in her growth habit as well. She'll bloom wherever she is planted and spread wildly, even if it's in gravel. 

Yet, despite this steadfast strength, she closes up her flowers at night. Her hearty flower bases have such delicate and easily torn petals that turn into intimidating spiked seed pods. She is so strong and reliable that you would never know she would feel the need to hide herself at night. 

We, too, may be strong enough to do it all. But in being afraid to become intimate and show our vulnerabilities, we are keeping our loved ones at a distance. The calendula essence neutralizes these fears and anxieties, giving us a chance for true intimacy not only with our spouses, partners, and lovers, but also with our mothers, fathers, siblings, and close friends.


What are Flower Essences

Flower essences are liquid extracts of flower vibrational energy that are used to address emotional imbalances and mind-body well-being. They're like crystals and plants combined, and no, they're not a replacement for your medications.

They are however, dilute herbal infusions prepared from pristine garden blossoms. In fact they're so dilute that I'll come right out and tell you, if you had them tested in a lab they probably wouldn't detect any physical evidence of the plant at all. So like, the opposite of potentially toxic essential oils.

And yet somehow, people have been reporting good experiences with them since the 1930's.

You might know, my background is in the hard sciences and research. My degree is in biology. I'm a skeptic and I want evidence. But at the same time, to pretend that modern science can understand everything in our universe is just self-righteous and disrespectful to nature.

That said, to make them, the fresh, dew-filled blossoms are gathered in the early morning and infused by the warmth and light of the sun.

This process creates an imprint of the unique energy pattern of the flowers into the water, which then embodies the healing archetype of that particular plant.

This is combined with the intuition of the crafter, who connects with the plant as the essence is being made. Very small doses are taken orally over a period of about a month, and they can also be used topically in creams and sprays. 

Putting the flowers in water is easy, but personally, it took *several years* of working with plants for me to feel connected enough to begin this energy work.

I've been over here growing this line of flower essences that aren't mass-produced like commercial ones are. I believe there has to be something lost when you're producing enough flower essence to be shipped to every single health food store in the "western" world. 


RO water, Grain alcohol, Oregon-grown Calendula officianlis flowers



Take 4 drops by mouth 4 times a day for one month, then as needed. You may take them directly on your tongue or added to water.

Do not take with coffee or other herbs. 

You may also opt to add it to your bath, a spray bottle (for your face, pillow, or room), or skin creams (don't add to the whole bottle but use a few drops when you apply) 






**Check the ingredients list for any known allergies or plants in the same family as known allergens.

Please make your own informed decision on the ingredients in this product to determine if it is right for you. Consult a Dr. before use if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medications.

*This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease, or affect the structure/function of the body. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. If pregnant or nursing consult a doctor before use. Not processed in an allergen-free environment.

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