Custom Botanical Pendulum || Talisman Charm Pendant Suncatcher


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A one-of-a-kind handcrafted pendant that can be placed on either a 5" pendulum chain with a wooden bead or 18" necklace chain.

Created with positive, grounded, and loving intentions so that it may bring the wearer only the most compassionate and protective spiritual energies. 

Whether you wear it as a uniquely personal necklace or suncatcher that is certain to garnish compliments, or use it as a meditation or divination tool to connect with your intuition and higher Self, you're sure to feel the power emanating from this beauty.

Can you think of a more thoughtful or personal customized gift to give someone you care about? Each pendant comes with a card listing the incorporated botanical correspondences.

***Please send an email to with:
-Your order #
-The shape A-I you prefer, unless you wish for me to intuitively select a shape for you.
-Your choice of 1-3 of the following botanicals to be cast into resin:


Butterfly Bush

Courage, endurance, breaking barriers or patterns, the hope of freedom, and rebuilding, all while maintaining grace and poise.
Element Air.

Rose petals

Divination, psychic power, love, lust & healing. Strengthening close friendships. 
Element Water.


Healing, sleep & peace. Chastity & love. Tranquility, & happiness. 
Element Air.


Witch's Herb. Healing, courage, boundaries, & protection. Handfasting & weddings. Psychic power & love divination. 
Element Air.

Red Clover

Success, love & money. Increases fidelity & female fertility.
Element Air.

St. John's Wort

Worn to prevent colds & fevers. Induces prophetic and romantic dreams. Protection & happiness. Use in Solar Magic.
Element Fire.


Attracting love & lust.  Associated with lunar magic & divination. 
Element Water.


The herb of attraction. Prophetic dreaming, money & love.
Element Water.


Banishing & releasing fear. Create your own reality. Creativity & independence.
Element Air.

Oregano Flower

Aids astral projection, health, & vitality. Joy & Justice. Protects against evil.
Element Air.

Calendula petals

Abundance & generosity. Success & justice in legal matters. Sun rituals and honoring ancestors. Dispels negativity. 
Element Fire.


Love, sleep, protection, purification, stress reduction.  Meditation work & to attracting money.
Element Water.


Weeping Willow Leaf

Lunar magic, drawing or strengthening love, healing, & overcoming sadness.
Element Water.


Healing & safe travel. Money, endurance & stability.
Element Water.


Memory, alertness, mental power & protection. Purification & removing negativity.  Associated with faery magic. 
Element Fire.

Fir Needles

Prosperity & success. Protection, purification & divination. Use in house and business blessings.
Element Fire.


Protection, mental clarity. Stimulates creativity & inspiration. Balances personal energies & healing. 
Element Earth. 



Protection, banishing negative forces, & divination. Money & love. 
Element Fire.


Increases magic power. Success, love, money & power. 
Element Fire.

Mustard Seed

Courage, faith, & endurance. Good luck amulet. Mental power & protection.
Element Fire.

Chili Pepper Flakes

Fidelity, love & passion, Hex breaking.
Element Fire. 

Angelica Root

Powerful protection, healing, harmony, courage.
Element Air.


Success, healing, protection, power, luck, strength, & prosperity. Meditation & astral projection. 
Element Fire.

Fennel Seed 

Meditation, healing, purifying & protection.  Also linked with new motherhood & offers inner strength.
Element Air. 



Not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or mitigate disease, or affect the structure or function of the body.

The Rex Apothecary makes no guarantee that any specific result will be obtained when using these items. The information here is not recommended as a substitute for medical, legal, or financial advice. The majority of the information listed has been sourced from historical folklore, tradition, and legend over which Rex Apothecary has no control. The Rex Apothecary has used reasonable efforts to verify the accuracy of the information provided, however, no guarantee is made regarding authenticity, appropriateness, completeness, legality, reliability, or effectiveness.

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