Equinox Tonic || Seasonal Allergy & Immune System Balance || 2oz 60mL


Seasonal changes can kick our immune system's butt...

In the Autumn, the accumulation of stress & exertion catches up to us, leaving us prone to everyday infections.

In the Spring, pollen and airborne allergens push it into overdrive, reacting to every little thing it seems.

Immunomodulating plants, like those in the Equinox Tonic, have traditionally been worked with to bring balance to the immune system.
>Not "boost" it or "stimulate" it.

Tonics work over time to support our bodies in regulating their responses.^

The Equinox Tonic is popular with those who:
  • Struggle with seasonal allergies
  • Feel sluggish, tired, and fatigued constantly
  • Experience frequent colds & flus
  • Are under continuous stress

It is probably NOT a good fit for those who:

  • Have an autoimmune disease (check with your Dr.)
  • Take lithium or drugs that suppress the immune system
  • Wish to take one dose that will have immediate effects
  • Aren't looking for a daily supplement that works over time
  • Have diabetes or high blood pressure


This potent herbal extract is predominately made from organically grown:


Reverse Osmosis Water, Grain alcohol, Reishi mushroom* fruiting body [Ganoderma lucidum], Astragalus root* [A. membranaceus], Turmeric* [Curcuma longa], Licorice root* [Glycyrrhiza glabra], Ginger* [Zingiber officinale], 

With minor amounts of: Food grade non-GMO RSPO sustainable vegetable glycerin, Gentian Root* [Gentiana lutea], Angelica Root* [Angelica archangelica], Fennel seed *[Foeniculum vulgare], orange peel, lemon peel


The Science

The Equinox Tonic calls on immune-modulating herbs. Research shows these types of herbs may regulate the immune system by increasing a sluggish one and slowing down an overactive one.^

These herbs are also all considered adaptogenic. Adaptogens may help the body adapt to various types of stress by supporting the adrenals and managing the body's response to stress (one of which is a faulty immune system)^

So rather than calling on anti-histamines and anti-microbials to attack the symptoms, these herbs are thought to address the root of the imbalance. As such, they will work best when taken consistently over time.^


  • Take 30-90 drops (one-three dropper squeezes) by mouth 2-3 times per day.
  • You can take it directly into your mouth, in a sip of your favorite drink, or added to your cup of tea or coffee.
  • Consistency is key with adaptogen herbs since they do not act on symptoms like an allergy pill. 

It is recommended that you only incorporate one daily tonic into your life at a time, in order to know how it is working for you and adjust as necessary.




Consult with a doctor before use if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medications.

Please check for allergies or sensitivity to ingredients or plants in the same family before use.

^These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or mitigate disease, or affect the structure or function of the body.

Spirit Haus Botanicals makes no guarantee that any specific result will be obtained when using these items. The information here is not recommended as a substitute for medical, legal, or financial advice. The majority of the information listed has been sourced from historical folklore, tradition, and legend over which Spirit Haus Botanicals has no control. Spirit Haus Botanicals has used reasonable efforts to verify the accuracy of the information provided, however, no guarantee is made regarding authenticity, appropriateness, completeness, legality, reliability, or effectiveness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tonya R
Helps with watery eyes

My main allergy symptom is watery eyes. No over the counter medicines have really done much to help with that for me. I accidentally had a gap between finishing my second bottle and buying my third and wow! If I didn't really notice as the benefits built up over time, I definitely noticed when it stopped working! I'm very glad to have found this allergy solution.

Krista Sutton
Unbelievably effective

My husband has terrible allergies, like sick in bed and completely exhausted for days during allergy season. Having just received our first bottle we wanted to be cautious and only gave him a couple drops. He had no adverse reaction but no noticeable positive reactions either. Today he woke up with swollen eyes and nonstop sneezing just like normal, so I made him a natural electrolyte drink and added 12 drops of this magical stuff, stirred it up and I KID YOU NOT, just 30 seconds later he was just sniffling after just a few sips! After he finished the whole drink his nose was stuffy but no other allergy issues. And now, a few hours later, he’s completely forgotten that he has allergies…. We will never again be without this stuff. Finally something that works!!

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