J A N U A R Y || New Moon || Rebirth Self-Care Ritual Toolkit


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January || New Moon || Reset || Planning

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What it is:

Since the Winter Solstice, the sun has been reborn and days have very subtly been growing longer. Nature still lies dormant, though, and we are presented with an opportunity for womb-like growth alongside it.

13 times a year we experience a New Moon; an alignment that creates a completely dark night, but also offers an energetic reset button and opportunity to set new intentions.

"The powers of light and warmth seem the weakest, and we are immersed in the dark. But in the ancient Goddess traditions, darkness was not something fearful. White, the color of bone, of snow, was the color of death. Black, the color of fertile soil, was connected to the darkness of the womb, to gestation, fertility, possibility, and Mystery.

Which of the myriad potentials will come to light?
What kind of year will it be?
What child will be born from that womb?

That part depends on us. We are the midwives.
We must use our human hands to shape history,
our human minds to choose what qualities we need and want to bring to birth,
our human will to make the choice.

What will you choose?"
- Starhawk
We can use our self-care ritual this month to plan our fresh start, doubling up the resetting power of both a new solar year and a new moon on the 13th. What new habits, traditions, and intentions are you inviting to support your own wellness so that you can continue to support the wellness of your loved ones and your community? What goals will you set and achieve? How will you hold yourself accountable? This month's kit will introduce a few tools to help support you on this journey.

What you get:

↬ Cailleach Elixir

A warming, spiced, & sweet alcohol extract of Caribbean flavors including ginger, molasses, citrus, allspice, cardamom, clove, and so on.
Enjoy a few droppers in your tea, hot cocoa, sparkling water, cider, red wine, or tiki-inspired cocktail/mocktail to warm up circulation & break through winter sluggishness.

(pronounced KAI-uckh, really feeling the "uckgh" in the back of the throat) The Cailleach is an ancient Celtic hag goddess. She’s the old woman of winter who determines its length and harshness, amongst many other powers. 
Read more Cailleach mythology here 

↬ Oregon Rosemary Smolder Stick

Start the energy of your space off on the right foot for 2021.
"Smudging" with White Sage is out. Culturally and environmentally friendly smoke cleansing with sustainable and non-appropriated plants is in. 

↬ Abundance Ritual Bath

Red Clover, Strawberry leaf, and Calendula energetically invite success, joy, and prosperity, while physically offering anti-inflammatory and skin-nourishing benefits. Epsom salts relax sore muscles while oats soothe & moisturize dry winter skin.

↬Coffee Replacement

If, like most humans who breathe, coffee is totally your jam, then don't worry: I'm not here to tell you to stop drinking it. You do you! But if you're thinking about cutting back or maybe just want the boost that comes from knowing you're adding something totally nourishing and liver supporting while still enjoying the ritual of brewing a cup of joe, give this chicory & roasted dandelion root a shot.
Maybe mix it half and half, I won't tell anyone.

↬Watercolor Pocket Notebook

Where are you going to keep track of your plans, goals, tarot readings, and yes, your accomplishments too! This ethereal handpainted pocket-sized notebook has nothing but blank pages for you to fill with whatever musings you see fit.


↬ Abundance Seed Spell

A simple yet intentional act with tools and instructions to initiate and manifest a prosperous year.

↬ Wheel of the Year Calendar

A cardstock print, designed by me, to refer back to throughout the year as you celebrate the solstices, equinoxes, and cycles of nature. 


When you'll receive it:

Packages will ship out on January 9th.
You can use them any time, but they will be most powerful on the Jan 13th New Moon through Jan 27th as the moon waxes.

Kits come with description cards for each and every item, as well as a ritual suggestion. 

This makes a deeply thoughtful gift for loved ones who struggle with seasonal transitions and dark times. They'll know exactly what the intention and use is for each item is, even without seeing this listing.


"This is seriously the coolest and most brilliantly well thought out and meticulously executed thing I've ever seen. I'm so blown away. Honestly, this is SUCH a great kit. I've never seen a kit this well done."
-Chelsea in Oregon


"I just unboxed the October Ritual Kit. It is _phenomenal_. I don't even have words. I want to add parts to my altar. I want to wear and use everything. I want this rollerball scent all the time. Thank you for creating such beautiful and unique products!"
-Holly in Oregon


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