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What it is:

On October 31st we celebrate Samhain, the third and final harvest festival that marks the beginning of the dark, cold winter that we’ve been preparing for since Lughnasadh in August.
For early Europeans, this final preparation required the flocks to be brought in from the fields to either live in sheds until spring or be slaughtered to provide food for winter.
Thus, it is known as the meat harvest.
We’ve been saying goodbye to Summer for months, but Samhain (pronounced "SAW-win" or "SAW-vane") is quite literally the Gaelic word for "Summer's end." Falling midway between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice, Samhain welcomes the short days, long nights, and cold months ahead, for this is how the wheel of the year turns. To attempt to stop the wheel and cling to sunlight and warm weather may seemingly prevent the death of the year, but would in turn prevent the glorious rebirth in spring as well. We cannot welcome and celebrate one without welcoming and celebrating the other.

Ancient cultures found Samhain to be a very potent time for magic and communion with spirits. The "veil between the worlds" of the living and the dead was said to be at its thinnest on this day, so the dead were welcomed in from the cold and invited to return to feast with their loved ones.
“The doors of the sidhe-mounds are open, and neither human nor faery need any magickal passwords to come and go.”
Ancient customs honoring this opportunity range from placing food out for dead ancestors to performing rituals to communicate with those who have passed over.

We’re no longer harvesting roots for medicine, as the ground will soon be frozen in many parts if it isn’t already. But we still have evergreens like conifers and rosemary to call upon for fresh use. We are midway through Autumn, so are still associated with the Earth element and its grounding, protective nature. Plants traditionally associated with Samhain are rosemary, apples, chrysanthemums, marigolds, mugwort, and pine.

As we continue Grounding down into the Earth for 6 more weeks, this season’s kit will call awareness to being present in our physical Body, as well as honoring and appreciating our ancestors and loved ones who have passed through the veil.

Set your intentions this Samhain & make sure to honor all that has been accomplished this year, no matter how big or small!

What you get:

↬ Earth Anointing Oil Roller
Scented with vetiver, cedar, patchouli & rosemary.
Adorned with floating black salt, fir needles, and cloves.
Roll on wrists or candles or grounding, protection, calming, and banishment. 

↬ Black Quarter Moon Soap
This woodsy & exfoliating Shea Butter soap with invigorating mint, cedar, patchouli, & pumice moisturizes and releases dead skin.

↬ Veil Herb Tea
Rosemary, Cinnamon, Ginger, & Clove brew a warming and spicy potion to amplify loving communication with ancestors, or simply enjoy as a tasty Autumnal tea.

↬Veil Spirit Candle
Warming, leathery, woodsy, spicy, double wick black soy travel candle.
Contains Ginger, Vetiver, & Rosemary oils, with whole Clove & Rosemary.
4 oz, 6-8 hr burn time. 

↬Veil Spirit Bath
A fully immersive way to channel the elements of the season, with Hawaiian Black Lava Salt, Epsom Salt, Oats, Fir, Chrysanthemum, Rosemary, & Clove, plus balancing herbs.

↬ Samhain Loose Incense
Carefully blended chrysanthemum, rosemary, mugwort, and cinnamon are burned to honor ancestors during Samhain and Autumn. 

↬ Samhain Chime Candles
Incorporate these herb anointed candles into your Samhain celebrations, ritual, and/or altar to invoke strength, healing, positivity, and protection during this transitional time.
4", 1.5 hr burn time.

↬ Altar Apple Garland
A garland of dried apple rings to use as seasonal decoration or bury as an offering to sustain those who have passed through the cold winter months. 

When you'll receive it:

Packages will ship out on the New moon Oct 16th, to arrive in time for Halloween.
Kit availability after Oct 16th will depend on remaining supplies & inventory.

Makes a deeply thoughtful gift for loved ones who struggle with seasonal transitions and dark times.

"I just unboxed the October Ritual Jut. It is _phenomenal_. I don't even have words. I want to add parts to my altar. I want to wear and use everything. I want this rollerball scent all the time. Thank you for creating such beautiful and unique products!"
-Holly in Oregon

"This is seriously the coolest and most brilliantly well thought out and meticulously executed thing I've ever seen. I'm so blown away. Honestly, this is SUCH a great kit. I've never seen a kit this well done."
-Chelsea in Oregon


Please make your own informed decision on the ingredients in this product to determine if it is right for you. This natural product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease, or to affect the structure or function of the body.

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Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth June
Well Put Together

I loved getting this kit! Can't wait wait to get more. The exfoliating moon soap was my favorite (hope there's more of it in the future!). I loved the cards associated with it so I knew what each was, intended use. A++


I cannot rave enough. Every piece of this kit is so incredibly mindful and beautiful. From the sweet packaging to the prettily printed instructions, I am so impressed and happy with this purchase. The tea is divine, the incense a delight, the soap and anointing oil are every scent I love, my garland is above my kitchen door...I will be purchasing this kit every year for as long as it's available.

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