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Raw Blackberry Honey | Oregon's Willamette Valley | 9oz

Raw Blackberry Honey | Oregon's Willamette Valley | 9oz

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Named after the floral source the bees visit, our Blackberry Honey is made from the sweet nectar of wild Willamette Valley, Oregon blackberry blossoms.

Blackberry plants thrive in the wet conditions of the Pacific Northwest, and their delicate white blossoms provide an abundant source of nourishment for the honeybee in late spring.

Unfiltered and raw (not heated over 115°F) in order to preserve the subtle flavors and natural enzymes of this sweet gift from nature. It still contains traces of pollen and propolis and has no additives.

Add it to teas, herbal extracts, elixirs, oxymels, baked goods, cocktails, and skincare products!

Blackberry honey adds a pleasant sweetness to tea, does not overpower baked goods when used as a sweetener, and is an excellent choice for all-purpose use.

Honey will naturally crystallize over time, which does not diminish its quality or flavor. If desired, you may heat gently in a warm water bath to liquefy.

A 6 fl oz glass jar filled with 9oz wt.



Babies younger than 1-year-old should not be given honey. Clostridium bacteria that cause infant botulism usually thrive in soil and dust. They also can contaminate some foods — honey, in particular.

Invasive Blackberries

Blackberries are an invasive and noxious species here in the Pacific Northwest, damaging ecosystems, habitats, parklands, and even backyards.

Ecologists, community service workers, and local governments have worked tirelessly to eliminate their destructive presence.

Fortunately, there is some good that can be gleaned as a byproduct of their presence... With the abundance of blackberry flowers available to pollinators, Oregon's Willamette Valley is able to produce this fine, delicate honey. 

This, of course, is not a reason to plant or perpetuate invasive species. It is simply making the best of a bad situation while we work to remedy it. 


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Customer Reviews

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Raw Blackberry Honey is Oregon's finest

As a honey fan, as well as a strong advocate for Oregon's state berry, I say Spirit Haus' Raw Blackberry Honey is an amazing product.
Do yourself a favor and get some to use as you're accustom, then broaden your horizons and experiment!
You'll also be doing a favor to those of us who want to support Oregon small businesses.
You wont regret it