Red Clover Blossom Extract || Aging Support || Oregon-Grown || 2oz 60mL


There is a long traditional use of red clover (Trifolium pratense) to help with menopausal symptoms, breast health, cancer prevention, and the cardiovascular system, though research supporting this has been inconclusive.

For this reason, we look to red clover as a nourishing plant that may generally support healthy aging and menopause.

Because of this, Red Clover Blossom extract is appreciated by many who struggle with:

  • An aging cardiovascular system
  • Menopause symptoms
  • Low estrogen
  • Sluggish circulation
  • Edema, lymph build-up, or swollen lymph nodes
  • Excess mucous
Red clover contains phytoestrogens that come in the form of isoflavones. Phytoestrogens are not true estrogens, but they have the ability to bind estrogen receptors in the body. This can either mimic or block true estrogen.

Red Clover Blossom is probably NOT a good fit for those who:

  • have hormone-sensitive diseases such as estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, or those undergoing radiation therapy for prostate cancer.
  • are already estrogen dominant
  • are on estrogen-containing drug therapy 
  • are pregnant or nursing
  • are on blood-thinning medications, Tamoxifen or Methotrexate.


For menopause support that includes Red Clover blossom along with other tonic and adaptogen herbs, check out our Crone Tonic


    Reverse Osmosis Water, Grain alcohol, Red Clover Blossoms and leaves (Trifolium pratense)** hand-harvested.  

    **Oregon-grown without any pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers


    The Science

    • Phytoestrogens and prevention of breast cancer: The contentious debate


    • Take 60-120 drops (2-4 dropper squeezes) by mouth 2-3 times per day. (this bottle contains about 60 dropper fulls, so 2 dropper fulls (60 drops) three times per day should last about 10 days)
    • You can take it directly into your mouth, in a sip of your favorite drink, or added to your cup of tea or coffee.
    • Each person can have a different response and sensitivity to herbs. Some may need the lowest dose for a short duration, some may need a higher dose for a short duration. Others may need a longer duration and higher or lower dose. 
    • Start with the lowest dose for a few days and see how you feel. Increase the dose if needed. 
    • Consistency is key with tonic herbs since they do not act as drugs do. Imbalances that require tonics don't happen overnight. They take time to develop. Naturally, the body needs time to restore its balance in return. 




    Consult with a doctor before use if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medications.

    Please check for allergies or sensitivity to ingredients or plants in the same family before use.

    ^For educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or mitigate disease, or affect the structure or function of the body.

    Spirit Haus Botanicals makes no guarantee that any specific result will be obtained when using these items. The information here is not recommended as a substitute for medical, legal, or financial advice. The majority of the information listed has been sourced from historical folklore, tradition, and legend over which Spirit Haus Botanicals has no control. Spirit Haus Botanicals has used reasonable efforts to verify the accuracy of the information provided, however, no guarantee is made regarding authenticity, appropriateness, completeness, legality, reliability, or effectiveness.

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