Supreme Salve || All-Purpose Healing Ointment || Scrapes, Stings, Eczema, & more || 2oz 60mL

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A potent yet gentle herbal skin salve that calls upon traditional anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, & mucous membrane protective healing herbs, all planted, tended, and harvested here on our property in Oregon's Willamette Valley.
A must-have in any first aid kit, this salve calls on herbs that naturally help soothe: 
  • Cuts & Scrapes,
  • Eczema, 
  • Psoriasis, 
  • Dermatitis, 
  • Tattoos,
  • Insect bites, 
  • Sunburns, 
  • Rashes,
  • Bruises,
  • Sprains,
  • & other minor skin irritations.


Infused with organic and/or Oregon grown plants using traditional folk methods:
  • Comfrey,
  • St. John’s Wort, 
  • Yarrow,
  • Calendula,
  • Vitamin E,
  • Tea Tree essential oil [15% max]
  • in a vegan base of grapeseed oil, olive oil, raw organic shea butter, & candelilla wax. 
Do Not Use:
  • On deep or open wounds.
  • If irritation occurs.
  • If pregnant or nursing.


    "I've been using the All-Purpose Herbal Skin Salve for a few weeks now and really enjoy it. A random patch of eczema showed up on my arm and the salve really helped to keep redness and itching to a minimum. I slather this all over the dry patch and it doesn't leave me feeling too greasy. Amazing scent and texture. Will be ordering again soon!!"
    -Lauren in Michigan

    Shipping- Please Read

    ***Due to the nature of the raw and organic ingredients used, this product may soften during shipping in the warmer months. This does not affect the function, but if the balm resolidifies too slowly it can become grainy. If you live in a warm climate, please turn it upright and refrigerate it immediately upon delivery, until it hardens. If you cannot be present to receive your shipment, please arrange a pickup with your post office from their temperature-controlled facilities.***

    *Test for sensitivity before use by applying to a small spot inside your elbow and monitoring for redness or irritation for 20 minutes.

    Consult a Dr. before use if you are pregnant or nursing.

    Please make your own informed decision on the ingredients in this product to determine if it is right for you. This natural product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease, or to affect the structure or function of the body. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
    Please read our shop policies before purchase.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Grace Copeland
    Awesome Salve

    Working with animals is my full time job so I constantly come home with various scratches and bruises. This balm is soothing and smells fantastic (a bonus I was not expecting) I also have put it on the dry parts of my hands/knuckles and even as a lip balm when I'm super chapped. Love this Salve!

    Bailey Baines

    Absolutely amazing~! Definitely a must have

    Jennifer Burrington
    Life saving salve!

    I was feeling under the weather recently and got lazy about wearing jewelry. If you have stretched lobes, you know this is no good... After a series of bad choices, my lobes became very upset with me... Generaly this would take about a week to troubleshoot, but with this salve, it took 2 days. I am extremely appreciative of the assistance. AND it's not greasy!! I am so glad the tin will last a while! Everyone needs some life saving salve in their lives. Seriously.

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