Transcendent Spirit Care Set || Altar Cloth, Florida Water, Witch's Salt, Burn Blend

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Receive all of Spirit Haus Botanicals' favorite spirit care goods to incorporate into your Self Care Ritual.

Whether for yourself or someone you love, these tools have your connection to your higher self covered with this spirit care set that includes:


Florida Water

Mindfully crafted with 18 potent herbs, flowers, spices, & citrus that are all known for their protective, cleansing, & aromatic properties. Harvested & charged under the October Full Harvest Moon (limited quantities for this year) This aroma is spicy, earthy, & green, with exceptional notes of citrus, allspice, and sage.

Banishing Salt

aka Black Salt or Witch's Salt. Like a vacuum for bad vibes. 

Sea salt, charcoal, black pepper, incense ashes, & a proprietary blend of herbs.

Sprinkle outside your front door, around your house, or use in rituals for protection, banishment, & cleansing.

NOT for consumption.

Let It Go Burn Blend

25mL vial of ground dried herbs selected for their traditional association with banishment, protection, and strength. Burn them on a charcoal tablet to smoke cleanse, or throw them in a crockpot full of water to set the energy for building the strength to let go of what no longer serves you...

Tye Dye Altar Cloth

Found only in this kit, this 100% cotton, hand tye dyed cloth measures 15"x15" square. No two are the same! Use it to protect your space for magickal workings, as a hair tie, bandana, or hankie. Handwash cold only, hang dry. Quantities are limited. 


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A $61 value when purchased individually!


Always ground and protect yourself before practicing any sort of divination or ritual. 

Spirit Haus Botanicals makes no guarantee that any specific result will be obtained when using these items. The information here is not recommended as a substitute for medical, legal, or financial advice. The majority of the information listed has been sourced from historical folklore, tradition, and legend over which Spirit Haus Botanicals has no control. Spirit Haus Botanicals has used reasonable efforts to verify the accuracy of the information provided, however, no guarantee is made regarding authenticity, appropriateness, completeness, legality, reliability, or effectiveness.


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